Do you offer private lessons?
Yes, we offer private lessons as well as group lessons, however, we fully believe in the power of having a group of like-minded friends and encourage all of our riders to find their community in our group lessons!  
Do lessons go year-round?

Yes!  We are blessed to have a large indoor riding arena so we can ride year-round.

Do I ride every week?

Group lessons meet at the same time each week and work through a progressive curriculum.  Private lessons can be scheduled whenever you are available.

How do I know which level I am?

When you come to your intro lesson, Kristen will assess your riding level and help you find a weekly lesson that fits your current level.




Does Envision Equine Horse Show?

Yes! We have onsite horse shows open to all Envision Equine Students beginner-advanced.  We also have a travelling competition team open to more advanced riders.

What do I need to wear to lessons?

Leggings/breeches, boots, appropriate shirt (ie t-shirt, polo, riding shirt, etc), and a helmet.  If you're new and do not have a helmet, then you can borrow one of ours for your intro lesson and purchase one if you decide to sign-up for a session.  Kristen can give you info on sizing and where to purchase.


What if I miss a lesson?

Things happen... We get sick, injured, have a school concert, go on vacation, grandparents come into town, etc.  If you need to miss a lesson, CONTACT KRISTEN ASAP.  She will then give you other times available to do your makeup with another group at your level.  Make-ups must be made within 7 days of missed lesson.


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